Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chapel Wedding venue

Get special Chapel wedding package in Bali from Bali Holidays Wedding. Married at Chapel in Bali is one of the elegance choices for wedding couple who have dream to spend their special moment at Glass Chapel on the top of the cliff, on the extreme southern shore of Bali. Bali Chapel ceremony is special wedding package by Bali Holidays Wedding. Wedding at Bali Chapel over looking Indian Ocean at top cliff area is the most spectacular wedding event in Bali. Chapel Wedding chooses for a couple who need a formal wedding procession with lux wedding design, services and interior, specially the view. The procession will not much different with Church Wedding. Chapel is modern design of the Church which has high standard service and class. The Priest with the organizer will arrange really special wedding procession. Accompany with Live String Quartet music, or acapella choralists throughout ceremony and 2 little girls in Balinese costume, it will make the atmosphere more religious.


For the puriest and perfectionist, a perfectly elegant wedding. Chic and minimal designs provide an uncluttered canvas upon which your special day can unfold in true contemporary style ...


Wiwaha unique designed celebration room, a see-trough glass aisle with 180 degree Indian Ocean view. With seating for up to 40 people inside, full air-conditioning, stand privately on a hill top of the peninsula...


Blue Point Chapel located at Blue Point Bay Villas & Spa, it takes around 30 minutes from International Airport and only 2 km from the Uluwatu Temple. This chapel built on the ultimate coast, with clear glass through wall around it. You will have your wedding with the spectacular ocean view as its back drop or even a romantic sunset is waits. Situated on top of the cliff, on the extreme southern shore of Bali. The romantic idea resolved in a concept, combining state of the art comfort with the genuine ocean view


Imaging taking your vows in the stunning, state f art with the over view to Indian Ocean on the towering cliffs of Jimbaran Bay. With the perfect backdrops, romantic and secluded tropical ambiance and gentle warm for your most inspired andpersonalized day.

TRESNA wedding pavilion is designed in dramatically illuminated glass and water-themed structure perched on a bluff, overlooking to the Indian Ocean. The delicate structure appears to float upon the surface of lotus pond while storey glass panels frame the ocean sunset. Up to 40 seated guests can share the illusion of setting sail into the sunset.

ASTINA wedding pavilion is an contemporary, Asian designed pavilion enclosed entirely by glass. Striking with its cutting adge layout and construction with a running waterfall over the tiered pools, smooth round pillars and a center glass aisle. With seating up to 50 guests in cool air conditioned comfort, the glass structure with pristine water features, sits perfectly in line with the horizon and 180 degree to the Indian Ocean views.

New created a masterpiece appropriate for a meaningful, memorable and unparalleled wedding venue, the Diamond Wedding Chapel, location in Sanur Beach with a perfect place to exchange vows in an environment of extreme serenity and solemnity under the open sunny bright skies.

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